The Way It Was

I had a dream last night we
Were both together at some lame party
I wish you were really there so
You could’ve seen me say to you
The way I feel and then you’d know
That if you felt the same by some crazy chance
That you could say the same things too.

But I’m never going to see you again
And you’ll never know the things I never said.

Now I don’t sleep at night when
I’m preoccupied regretting my quiet way
Of trying to talk to you
Of trying to rhyme about you
Of trying to think about you
Of trying to know you
But now I’ll never know you
And you’ll never know me
And I’ll never know what could have been
And you’ll never know that you slowly killed me
With that smile.


The Other Silent Treatmemt

im still not used to you
or the thing you do
when you actually say that you think im cool

i still choke on my tongue
and trip on my words
whenever you arrive or whenever you go

but after everything is really said and done
the things i need you you to know
will never to you be heard

this poem is short but so is
the time that we actually have
just dont remember me as a sad memory
Of a boy who never said anything.

Mr. Mockingbird’s Song

Words are written in the very trees.
The stars are the letters,
And the ink resides in the seas.

“Mr. Mockingbird, read me the lines.
Thou great orator, about how nature thrives.
As I ponder here
About what is most obviously on my mind.”

I find I think about her,
As a cricket alludes to the coming of night,
When Mr. Mockingbird takes his leave and takes flight.

She dances across the sky,
While the constellations cry her name,
And no such beautiful thing compares quite the same.

“You whose name is in the stars,
That did choose to accept each of my scars.”



Nostalgic Relapse at 1:08 AM

On some day in October,
She was standing there.
Though it’s something else I remember when she smiles.

She’s jumping into my arms,
Then she fell asleep in the passenger seat,
Now I smell take-out Chinese.

It feels like nothing has changed.
Though this isn’t quite the same as before,
And it’s that smile that’s to blame.

Of all the things I remember.
Not the sound of your laugh or the curls in your hair.
It’s just that feeling when you smile.

I’ve really tried to rhyme this time,
Because I know it would make you smile.
And it’d be worth all the while to remember that.

Yes this is an apology.
Not a furtive glance,
Nor wishful thinking.

Just an apology.

I Am Not A Goat

I am not a goat,
Or so I do believe.
I’ve never been told otherwise,
So I guess it must be.

My intention is not to boast,
Oh wait I do.
I am most definitely not a goat,
But I cannot say the same about you.

I know not any better,
So, at least to me, a goat you may actually be.
No don’t be discouraged,
There’s worse than being a goat,
You will see.

Being a goat you’ll have lots of fun,
Going to goat parties with goat treats and other goat stuff.

And being a goat is such a delight
You get into goat clubs where you can dance the whole night

You’ll find that others will love you much more,
Because goats are so amazing where people are such a bore.

Why do you get to be a goat,
This is so unfair. Stop rubbing it in.
I don’t want to see you anymore,
Go have fun being a goat,
But just go do it over there.

Is All Lost?

There is nothing worth fighting for.
And the heroes never say that,
You can make a difference in this life.

So you need to believe that
You cannot do anything.
It’s untrue that
You are strong enough to do so.

Anyone can be a hero;
That is an untrue assumption.
You are not in control of your own fate.

Good deeds will go unsung.
It can’t be true that,
Your choices can mean anything,
You can still defeat the evil.

Be of good cheer,
Now that you know that
The battle is lost.
It’s clear that it is useless to think that
Bravery and Courage will prevail and
Heroes can emerge and are made.

This is what our adversary would have us believe
We simply have to reverse his lie.

Heroes can emerge and are made.
Bravery and Courage will prevail.
It’s clear that it is useless to think that
The battle is lost.
Now that you know that,
Be of good cheer.

You can still defeat the evil,
Your choices can mean something.
It can’t be true that
Good deeds will go unsung.

You are not in control of your own fate;
That is an untrue assumption.

Anyone can be a hero.
You are strong enough to do so.

It’s untrue that
You cannot do anything.
So you need to believe that
You can make a difference in this life.

And the heroes never say that
There is nothing worth fighting for.

What Makes Me

i like to write, obviously. Why else would I have this blog? But other than writing I am also a level ten paladin on Dungeons and Dragons. My hobbies also include mountain biking and backpacking. I also birdwatch. I draw zippers and cartoon faces. I wear a fanny pack. I can make friends with most anyone and am social. Crowds make me nervous. I am strongly independent but I often feel alone.

I like to do the dishes at other peoples house. Every morning i wait outside their door but I don’t want to knock. I don’t know what I’m supposed to do when I’m being watched. And though I don’t know how I still love to dance.

Butterflies make me cry. grass makes me sleepy. food makes me hungry. life makes me dying but happily

People tell me I have the maturity of an eighty year old, but the next minute say I act like I’m “this many.” It was seven if you couldn’t see my fingers.

I’m smart and that surprises some. I’m kind but they’re used to that. I’m different but most of them know. No one quite knows what to say to what I do but it still makes them smile.

I am an odd jumble of sorts that quite don’t fit together but that who i am would like to say hello to you today.

this is who I am.